• La Llorona
  • Beggar on the Cordoba Bridge
  • The Mystery
La Llorona on the Longfellow Bridge: Poetry y Otras Movidas 1985-2001

In her introduction, Gaspar de Alba explains that the poems and prose poems here track her travels, physical and metaphorical, between1981-2001. The writing serves as a "bridge" in her life's journey, while "La Llorina is the border." (La Llorona, the mythical Mexican mourner who wanders in search of her lost children, is voice, soul, grief, mother, and duende , that elusive and vital artistic force.) The poet invites us to travel with her — all we need is an "open palm." (from www. newpages.com)





"Beggar on the Cordoba Bridge ," Alicia's first collecon of poems in Three Times a Woman: Chicana Poetry (Bilingual Press, 1989).

Also includes the work of Demetria Martinez and Maria Herrera-Sobek.

Available from Bilingual Press.




The Mystery of Survival and Other Stories (Bilingual Review Press, 1993)

In The Mystery of Survival and Other Stories, Gaspar de Alba considers the boundaries between sexes, lovers, cultures, generations, and beliefs and presents a body of work that allows her characters to both defy and celebrate these borders. This collection is peopled by those tenaciously exploring their places in the world: an ambitious young Mexican American reporter who quietly comes to understand the profound impermeability of this boundary as his Anglo editor refuses to see him as anything but an underling; a young woman haunted by the memories of her childhood along the United States/Mexico border; a boy who crosses the brittle line his parents have drawn between each other and chooses to show his allegiance to his mother. Gaspar de Alba reveals characters who, by exploring these boundaries, learn to define themselves and, ultimately, discover not just how to survive, but to flourish. (from the publisher).

Available from Bilingual Review Press.